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Become more productive

Get the best out of your solutions with on-demand training

Our custom developed on-demand training solution, Learning Academy, gives your employees the tools they need to become familiar with Microsoft technologies and be more productive.

Whether you need new qualified personnel, train talent, satisfy compliance requirements, cover costly learning gaps among your staff, or create greater agility in your organization’s processes, CuroGens is a specialist in helping you achieve your goals.

Discover how CuroGens optimizes your business processes, and why we are the best choice for accompanying you in your digital transformation journey.

Bring forth talent

Create leaders proficient in your technologies

CuroGens is founded on the idea of letting our customers take control. We provide you with the innovation and confidence to train your leadership and nurture self-sufficiency.

Leveraging our science-based training solution, Learning Academy, we incorporate advanced Business Intelligence and analytics to identify knowledge gaps and facilitate optimized learning to address these gaps.

With our on-demand training services, your organization will benefit from a more productive and efficient working environment.


Adapt to your talent

Learning Academy allows you to adapt to the unique capabilities of each employee. This comes in handy especially when organizing staff into balanced and effective teams.

Match skills to jobs

After capturing the current knowledge and skills of your employees, we will be able to use the gathered data to match their skills to your jobs and tailor personalized learning to cover any needs or shortcomings.

Focus on knowledge gaps

Our algorithms are trained to change and alter the sequences and types of questions based on the individual’s current knowledge level.

Continuous learning

Our research-based design and focus on continuous professional development ensures that Learning Academy as well as our on-demand training services foster a supportive culture of ongoing learning, for both your employees and our coaches.