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Shipping Manager for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Dynamics 365 Shipping Manager app is a custom solution developed CuroGens in-house. It enables you to manage shipments and transportation with ease. Shipping Manager gives you the ability to automatically track your loads in real-time from the standard Dynamics 365 inventory module.

Forgetting about blind spots in your supply chain. By consolidating all the best features in one place, Shipping Manager gives you full transparency into shipments from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Discover how CuroGens optimizes your business processes, and why we are the best choice for accompanying you in your digital transformation journey.

Improve Your Logistics

Benefits of Shipping Manager for Dynamics 365

Forget About Blind Spots

Track your loads in real-time. Shipping Manager allows you to further serialize the codes and differences between packages, with easy-to-implement specifications based on types, weight, delivery modes, distance, and more.

Save Time

Access all your supply chain information in an understandable way, without digging through a bunch of receipts, shipping orders, and invoices.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Reduce customer frustration from not being able to know the location and status of their shipments. Your data is always up-to-date, within reach, and easy to access from your Dynamics 365 ERP system.

Standout Features of Shipping Manager

Carrier Definitions

Access all of your customer delivery locations, manually or automatically, from data sources such as websites, sales, or other services.

Automated Testing

Create automated test programs on your loads, distributions, and routes. Shipping Manager also notifies you of any necessary version updates and ERP status.

Packaging Types

Mark your packages accurately, controlling standard weight, space parameters, and limits based on transport specifications.

Weight Specifications

Improve the shopping experience of your customers by automatically calculating freight charges according to the item’s position in the sales order, weight, quantity, and service fees.

Rate Comparison

Quickly compare costs between carriers, identifying transit times per box, delivery mode, deliveries, and calculations based on actual weight, not estimated.

Create Profiles

Shipping Manager allows you to generate profiles for boxes with labels, tracking numbers, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on your inventory and delivered loads.

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