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We Solve Your Problems and Address Your Business Needs

At CuroGens, we set ourselves apart by going far beyond implementing business management software. Our highest priority is for your experience to be the best it can be, which is why we offer you a variety of services to support and enhance your business operations.

We are laser-focused on addressing your needs and solving your problems throughout the entire lifecycle of your business management software. This means that we handle everything from the initial evaluation to providing tailored solutions and ongoing support.

Our team of experts and specialists look forward to helping you achieve your business goals and increase your profitability.

Our Services

Thanks to decades of experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems, you can trust us to implement your new ERP on-budget and on-time.

Don’t abandon your failed ERP implementation! Let us audit your system and create a cost-effective, personalized recovery plan.

Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to safely migrate your critical data out of your legacy ERP system, even in complex cases.

We are experts in assessing the complexity and costs associated with upgrading legacy Microsoft Dynamics systems to Dynamics 365.

Ensure successful project rollouts by outsourcing management to our team of dedicated, highly competent program and project managers.

Ensure continuous operation and optimal performance of your Dynamics 365 ERP system with an SLA and expert support tailored to your specific needs.

Empower your business with Microsoft Azure’s cost-effective cloud and platform services, coupled with our guidance to safeguard your investment.

Increase your productivity and enhance your staff’s learning environment with our on-demand training services and custom solution, Learning Academy.

Navigate your next ERP project with more precision and confidence than ever before with the help of CuroGens’ world-class technical advisors.