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Get a Full Service Maintenance Agreement (FSMA)

In the modern digital landscape, agility and adaptability are paramount. As digital transformation initiatives surge in popularity, maximizing your technology investments’ ROI becomes crucial.

CuroGens’ Full Service Maintenance Agreement (FSMA) is an SLA with proactive services for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem. Our proficiency encompasses Microsoft Dynamics, Power Platform, Azure, and other pivotal digital transformation technologies.

Discover how CuroGens optimizes your business processes, and why we are the best choice for accompanying you in your digital transformation journey.

Always-On Support

Our commitment is unwavering. Through the FSMA, our skilled and trained professionals offer:

  • Proactive monitoring across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions.
  • Advanced troubleshooting, team training, and knowledge transfer.
  • Tailored support models, ensuring you receive the service level you desire.

Advantages of the CuroGens FSMA

With CuroGens at the helm of your cloud migration, server maintenance, network monitoring, and security, you are better able to:

  • Anticipate and address potential challenges.
  • Guarantee system security and compliance.
  • Empower your IT team to prioritize important strategic tasks.

Core Offerings – FSMA

Adaptable Service: We deliver proactive, reactive, and preventative maintenance services tailored to your operational needs.

Operational Uptime: Trust us to keep your systems up to date and operational, minimizing unplanned interruptions.

Monitoring & Alerting: Our continuous monitoring approach ensures system and security challenges are swiftly identified and resolved.

Economic Scalability: As your requirements evolve, we ensure your systems adapt seamlessly, eliminating operational hiccups.

Complete ERP Support Services

Our support and expertise encompasses the entire Microsoft ecosystem, including Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Power BI, Azure, and beyond. As a distinguished and certified Microsoft Partner, CuroGens supports your digital transformation efforts, ensuring cost efficiency, risk reduction, and future-proofing your tech stack.

Ready to Enhance Your IT Strategy?

With an exclusive focus on Microsoft solutions and experience spanning decades, CuroGens is your go-to managed services ally. Let’s join forces with a Full Service Maintenance Agreement (FSMA) to ensure your IT infrastructure is agile, resilient, and ready for the future.