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Streamline your tasks and marketing campaigns

Take your marketing to the next level with Click Dimensions

The ClickDimensions app works like a CRM cloud that allows you to speed up the performance of your key marketing assignments, such as email marketing strategies, landing page creation, lead nurturing, and form and survey design

From the ClickDimensions CRM Cloud you will also be able to automate and make more dynamic the prolonged processes of your operations, such as the management of marketing campaigns and the management of events and webinars, achieving more detailed follow-up of the Customer Journeys.

The functionalities of this add-on, native to Dynamics 365, increase the total business intelligence (BI) of your CRM and build more specialized tools at your disposal, modern, and that result in the efficiency and enhanced creativity of your Marketing team.

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Design more and more automated lead flows

Click Dimensions – Benefits

Find ‘better’ customers

Get to know your target persona better and obtain more in-depth data to measure the performance of your channels and the impact of assignments on the behavior of your customers, applying your results within the same platform in a simple way.

Sow valuable leads

Generate valuable leads, with better conversion rates, by automating the flow through your channels and articulating increasingly personalized interactions with your customers

Convert faster

Design and execute all your Marketing Department assignments faster and with less effort, with a set of apps, analytics and automated support services consolidated on a single platform.

Design more and more auto lead flows

Features – CRM Dynamics

Marketing Channels

Orchestrate multi-channel campaigns more easily from ClickDimensions execution tools, optimizing the generation of personalized automatic emails, the sending of mass SMS from Dynamics 365, interoperability with LinkedIn, among other functions.

Lead nurturing

Lubricate your customer contact channels, expanding your reach, number of channels and acquisition speed. At the same time, accurately track the status of your customers at each step of the sales funnel, automating the valuation and segmentation of contacts

Inbound Marketing

Boost your Inbound Marketing, with web intelligence insights, tools for the automated creation of landing pages without touching HTML, email marketing, forms and the optimized management of events and webinars.

Campaign management

Automate the execution, maintenance, reporting and monitoring of your marketing campaigns more effectively, with applications for generating sales flows and planning and organization tools, with calendars and reports.