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Recruit qualified personnel and connect them to your company

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Dynamics 365 HR helps you take care of your employees and attract new talent. Promote the capabilities and faculties of your HR staff thanks to the automation of administrative procedures, leave and absence protocols, and periodic evaluations.

In addition, it allows your company to offer your employees training and certification experiences, professional development, compensation, performance feedback, compliance, among others, based on the connection of operations and people data to optimize resource costs.

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Renew your HR processes and get ahead of your competitors

Microsoft Human Resources – Benefits

Attract and recruit new talent instantly

Find qualified staff quickly and accurately based on data, employee types, and by creating integrated candidate profiles on LinkedIn. Select en masse, schedule appointments and schedule interviews based on your predetermined preferences.

Unified data experience

Unify data from Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations across apps to determine earnings, benefits, and benefits instantly and connected to cash flow with cross-application capability.

Offer more and better benefits

Expand your company’s range of benefits, backed by data, and showcase your offerings in an easy-to-use employee portal.

Train motivated professionals

Create training and education courses, generate questionnaires and set up journals and performance evaluations and fixed and variable compensation plans, based on the real resources of the company

Allocate benefits effectively

Customize your benefit schedule and eligibility policies, easily create new benefits, define expiration dates, and intelligently generate ACA reports.

Improve your company’s HR performance

It dynamizes and automates administrative operations of the HR department such as the management of leaves and absences, organization adjustments and the delivery of compensation. Open up time and resources for your employees and the processes of hiring the best talent.

Microsoft Human Resources - Features

Microsoft Human Resources - Features


Configuration of salary structures, employee enrollment, fixed and variable salary plans, processes, calculations and performance bonuses.

Withdrawals and Absences

Configure and adapt your company’s parameters, types and leave and absence plans, create a calendar of working hours and view permits and requests

Company Staff

Generates employee profiles, with historical information; define jobs and departments, workflows; evaluate the satisfaction of your employees, their performance and their results


It manages and creates benefits and quotes for types of employees and based on users, registers employees with social benefit agencies and designs internal programs.


Centrally access and manage candidate and staff profiles integrated into Dynamics 365 HR.

Microsoft Office 365

Manage agendas and appointments through Outlook calendars.