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Develop international quality projects

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Project

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project is a precise and dynamic tool for your business processes focused on projects or services, which guarantees a panoramic view of all stages.

This interoperable application with your Dynamics 365 Marketing, HR and other apps, guarantees your services basic functionalities on resource planning, cost data, the efficient coordination of your team and the organization of those involved, promoting collaborative work and connected.

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Perfect the results of your collaborative work

Benefits – Project 365

Empower your leaders

Empower your managers with better business insights and insights, thanks to all-in-one visibility capabilities of process, team, and resource data, integrated with AI to make better decisions.

Improve human resource

Increase the quality of your projects, making use of the tools to optimize the selection and assignment of the right people to your project.

Perfect your deadlines and deliveries

Reward your assignments with simple and effective functionalities through advanced project management and task integration, accelerating delivery times and meeting record deadlines.

Spend less and invoice better

Dynamics 365 allows you to take advantage of project financials, simplifying and streamlining the tracking of costs, expenses, budgets, billings and income.

Maximize your productivity and performance

Stimulate productivity, collaboration, and communication among your team members with Microsoft Teams, while managing times, costs, and expenses from anywhere.

Features - Project 365

Encamina el éxito de tus proyectos

Features - Project 365

Expense Management

Easily complete expense reports, integrate workflows with payment methods, set expense policies, and track your business money, all in the same app.


Effectively monitor the distribution of your services, automating the generation of invoices and approvals by e-mail and managing them from interactive panels based on KPIs.

Service Projects

Manage your projects flexibly with Gantt charts and Kanban tables, with capabilities that can be integrated into the Universal Resource Status and project planning through Microsoft Project Web.

Universal Relocation of Resources

Integrate semi-automatic tools for reallocating surplus resources to your projects.

Production Projects

It also organizes projects based on production and stock thanks to Work Breakdown Structures and configurable groups for WIP accounting.