Elegant and Personalized Document Delivery in Dynamics 365 with AEM

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Elegant and Personalized Document Delivery in Dynamics 365 with AEM

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AEM (Advanced Email Management) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 revolutionizes the way common documents are sent by email, applying predefined and customized templates to maintain a unified and consistent corporate image.

AEM allows you to send documents by e-mail in a personalized way, consistent with your corporate image.

Email Personalization with AEM

AEM integrates personalization into email management in Dynamics 365, using predefined templates to shape the body of the email and ensure that each communication reflects the company’s identity and values.

Application of Predefined and Customized Templates

The tool allows the application of customized templates in print management for e-mail generation, ensuring that every document sent, from service invoices to purchase orders, maintains an elegant and professional presentation.

Advanced Email Personalization

AEM offers advanced customization options, including modification of the subject line and the inclusion of bookmarks to add relevant information from the associated document, such as order number or customer name, taking personalization to a new level.

AEM facilitates the application of templates and advanced customization to reflect the corporate identity in each mailing.

Main Benefits of AEM in Dynamics 365

Among the main benefits offered by advanced e-mail management, it is worth mentioning that it completely improves the corporate image, as well as personalizing it and offering efficiency in communication.

Improvement of Corporate Image

The use of AEM to send documents ensures a uniform and professional presentation, reinforcing the corporate image and improving brand perception among customers and business partners.

Effective and Detailed Customization

With AEM, email personalization goes beyond aesthetics, allowing the inclusion of specific details that make each communication relevant and valuable to the recipient.

Efficiency and Elegance in Communication

AEM not only improves efficiency by automating the sending of important documents, but also ensures that every email sent is elegant and perfectly aligned with the company’s communication strategy.

The benefits of AEM include enhanced corporate image, detailed customization, and efficient and elegant communications.

AEM transforms email management in Microsoft Dynamics 365, offering a comprehensive solution for personalized document delivery. Through the application of predefined and customized templates, AEM ensures that each document sent reflects the corporate identity, improves communication with customers and partners, and increases operational efficiency. This tool is essential for any company that values brand consistency and seeks to optimize its communication processes in Dynamics 365.