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Success Story Clarke Modet y Cia

  1. Solution
  2. What was the customer’s problem/need?
  3. What was the solution proposed to the client to solve their needs / problems?
  4. What have been the benefits of this solution?
  5. What were the most important challenges in delivering this solution?
  6. Customer testimonial

The ClarkeModet group is the leading industrial and intellectual property operator with presence in several countries in Latin America and Europe. With state-of-the-art technology, it offers a comprehensive service to its clients with the capacity to extend its operations through its extensive IP network internationally.

Caso de éxito de CuroGens con Clarke Modet


Microsoft Dynamics 365 FISCM has been implemented as a business management solution by CUROGENS IBERIA. This has been carried out through a migration project from Microsoft AX2012 R3 to MS Dynamics 365 FI&SCM for 10 countries.

What was the customer's problem/need?

The customer was on an unsupported version of the vendor, Microsoft AX 2012, and additionally due to its geographic distribution was also starting to have continuity issues regarding the various locations

Additionally, the growth of operations caused several processes that led to inefficiencies and operational improvements. 

The issue of how to perform this migration with minimal impact to the organization with diverse local requirements was a challenge in itself.

What was the solution proposed to the client to solve their needs / problems?

The solution implemented was Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, maintaining the Integrations with other corporate applications, additionally it was used to make operational improvements; such as, for example:

  • Implementing the Intercompany functionality between the different subsidiaries of the group,
  • As well as the automation of the processes of issuing and receiving certified electronic invoices with the different local agents.

In addition to the head office, the deployment was carried out in 9 countries: Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Uruguay with the collaboration of 5 local partners.

A key point was to realize a “Big Bang”, which avoided the realization of additional temporary interfaces between the different corporate systems and the subsidiaries.

The introduction of solutions such as FormPipe’s Lasernet, to facilitate the creation and maintenance of the great diversity of invoice document formats; the knowledge of CuroGens in the Azure platform and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications ecosystem; together with the indispensable involvement of the client and the establishment of a collaborative model with different local partners; were the key to successfully carry out the project without creating disruption in the client’s daily operations.

What have been the benefits of this solution?

There have been clear improvements in the daily operational efficiency of several processes affecting different subsidiaries, especially the Intercompany billing and operations processes

This has laid the foundation for future growth and continuous improvement of their corporate processes with a powerful and modern platform that is always up to date.

What were the most important challenges in delivering this solution?

One of the most important was the diversity of locations. The challenge was to build an automatic integration able to respond to each country and allow the publication of invoices in MS Dynamics 365 FI&SCM and then each local agent can send it for electronic certification to the corresponding authority in each country.

Another one was to automate the Intercompany processes, especially for Brazil, as the standard had to be adapted to the given that there were several restrictions.

Customer testimonial

About three years ago, we made the decision to migrate our existing ERP system to the new Microsoft Finance & Operations. Although we were aware that the process would not be easy, we knew that in order to stay ahead of the curve and improve our operational efficiency, it was a necessary decision.

From the beginning, we faced several challenges. Our previous ERP system was highly customized to meet our specific needs and had years of accumulated data. The idea of migrating all that information and adapting our processes to a new system was certainly daunting.

However, from the moment we started the project, we had the support of Curogens, our partner. They conducted a detailed analysis of our operations, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring that the new system was perfectly adapted to our needs. Their team accompanied us every step of the way, from the planning phase through to implementation, and then on to the training of our staff and go-live.

Today, several months after completing the migration, I can confidently state that it was the right decision. The new Microsoft Finance & Operations system has given us unprecedented visibility into our operations, allowing us to make more informed decisions in less time.