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Decaclima : Success Story

DECACLIMA implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 FI & SCM by the hand of CUROGENS IBERIA

DECACLIMA COMFORT SOLUTIONS SL, a leading company in the design and manufacture of equipment and customised solutions with high technical requirements for air conditioning, air treatment and air purification belonging to the Sodeca Group, has implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 FI & SCM as a business management solution with CUROGENS IBERIA.

Unifying processes and laying the groundwork for future growth

The solution envisaged the implementation of various functional areas with the aim of creating a system that would unify all the company’s processes and establish working procedures that would create the basis for future growth.

Implementation of functional areas and validation of business processes

The functional areas of Purchasing, Warehouse with mobile devices, Sales, Planning, Production and Finance were implemented, where 572 business processes were validated, minimising the number of gaps, carrying out only 19 developments including the necessary official reports. During the design phase, some GAPS detected were discarded, always following our philosophy of approaching the standard.

Customer involvement and knowledge of the solution key to project success

The client’s involvement and CuroGens’ knowledge of the solution have been key to be able to complete the project in 9 months, as planned at the beginning, and under the estimated budget.

First milestone in a plan to implement MS Dynamics 365 F&SCM in the Sodeca group.

This is the first milestone of a plan that starts the way for the rest of the Sodeca group companies to make the gradual transition to MS Dynamics 365 F&SCM and take full advantage of the platform.