The Definitive Solution for Document Management Organization with ADM

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The Definitive Solution for Document Management Organization with ADM

  1. Advanced Document Management (ADM) Key Features 
  2. Main Benefits of ADM

Advanced Document Management (ADM) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an innovative tool designed to optimize the organization and access to documents within the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO) environment. It provides a clear and accessible structure for managing a wide range of documents, from supplier certificates to purchase confirmations and product specifications.

ADM transforms document management in D365FO, facilitating document access, organization and search.

Advanced Document Management (ADM) Key Features

The key features of ADM will be determined below, so that you can fully understand what this solution is based on.

Structured Document Organization

ADM offers a structured way to organize documents in D365FO, using folders and subfolders. This structure facilitates quick access and efficient document search, improving document management.

Easy Access and Metadata Searching

With ADM, documents can be easily searched using dynamic metadata, significantly speeding up the search process, especially when using SharePoint as a repository.

Support for External Storage

ADM supports external Blob storage, in addition to SharePoint, allowing you to reduce D365FO‘s internal database and minimize associated costs.

ADM improves efficiency and reduces costs by offering structure, easy search, and support for external storage.

Main Benefits of ADM

The main benefits of advanced document management are improved efficiency, followed by cost reduction and centralized access along with improved security. Each will be further developed below.

Improved Efficiency in Document Management

ADM improves organizational efficiency by enabling structured and accessible document management, saving time and resources.

Cost Reduction

ADM‘s ability to utilize external storage and minimize D365FO‘s internal database results in a significant cost reduction.

Centralized Access and Enhanced Security

ADM enables centralized access to documents and improves security through centralized credential management in D365FO, simplifying document security administration.

The benefits of ADM include improved efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced document management security.

ADM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 revolutionizes document management in D365FO, providing a comprehensive solution for document organization, access, and search. Its focus on efficiency, cost reduction, and security makes ADM an indispensable tool for any organization looking to optimize its document management in Dynamics 365.