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Streamline your tasks and marketing campaigns

Provide your customers with personalized attention with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The D365 Customer Service app gives you the necessary automation and productivity tools, from a single portal, to offer an intelligent and easy-to-use service that will exceed the expectations of your customers.

From an exceptional help desk optimization resource based on multi-channel, self-service, database unification, AI support, and intelligent data analytics capabilities, you’ll forge a more intimate and conscious relationship with your customer community, and you will grant greater power and autonomy to your agents in their operations.

Discover how to optimize your business processes with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Discover how to optimize your business processes with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Design a professional and automated support service

D365 Customer Service – Benefits

Holistic customer service

Leverage AI-powered, omnichannel support experiences to gain panoramic views of your customers, enabling you to resolve issues faster and more accurately.

Loyalty more customers to your brands

Create self-service channels and proactive support notifications to increase the commitment and confidence of your customers in your services, with automation tools for attention and generation of informed responses with AI.

Increase your positive communications

Give your agents and team an intuitive experience through which to easily manage product knowledge base, customer and account information in one place, and without the need to escalate cases.

Get deep feedback

By automating and individualizing your customers’ feedback mechanisms, you will be able to monitor and obtain practical information about their satisfaction, feelings, and journey through the Customer Journey.

Get actionable insights about your customer community

Customer Service – Features

Self service

Thanks to AI, manage and use virtual agents that listen and respond to the questions of your consumers, share knowledge and explanations of your product or service, through the interaction of experts and internal and external users through community portals, and grant access to your customers from any channel to the knowledge base.

Personalized interactions

Take advantage of the profiling of your customers and their history and past interactions with technical support available to your agents, and engage your consumers with technical support services from channels as varied as voice, text, chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter or WeChat, from the same desktop. Classify and prioritize requests using predetermined parameters, automatically assigning them to AI agents, real agents, and specialists.


Give your agents real-time AI suggestions to solve problems, a multi-tasking desktop for simultaneous handling of different cases, increase collaboration in your team with Microsoft Teams and unify knowledge bases with a unified search engine, easy to use and organized.


Support operations

Detect emerging trends in topics thanks to AI, achieving channel and agent automation opportunities, visualize and analyze the sentiments of your customers in real time, mark KPIs and identify knowledge gaps.



Solve problems with remote commands and monitor the channels and devices that need attention from the dashboard, through notifications.